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Peltolammi-Pärrinkoski Nature Reserve


The Peltolammin-Pärrinkoski nature reserve covers an area of 31.39 hectares. The area was founded on August 26, 1992 and is located in the Sarankulma and Peltolamm districts south of Tampere. The protected area was expanded by 3.3 hectares in 2016 to secure odoriferous habitats.

Like Viikinsaari, the nature reserve belongs to the Pirkkala Press Center. In addition, the peaceful and comfortable creek landscape of Myllypuro and Pärrinkoski make the area a valuable conservation area.

The jogging path from Peltolammi beach takes you through the forest to Pärrinkoski. On the way you can also visit Rukkamäenpuisto, where sheep graze in summer.

Photographed in June 2021

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